Trustee Aaron Patefield



P.O. Box 727
Crivitz, WI  54114

Phone: (715)854-2030





Aaron was born in Menominee, MI and lived in Crivitz most of his life.  He graduated from Crivitz High School, served three years in the US Army, has a Police Science Associate Degree & is near completion of a Fire Science Associate degree, both from NWTC.  He is currently employed as the Public Utilities Superintendent, Village of Coleman for the past 22 years.  He is currently serving on both the Crivitz & Coleman Fire Departments.  He is married, has 3 grown children, and 5 grandchildren.  Aaron has spent his entire adult life serving the community to include the local Church Board, coaching, Village of Crivitz Constable, Crivitz and Coleman EMT on both Rescue Squads, and many other volunteering events.  As a Village Board Trustee, Aaron will continue to share his expertise and passion for our community.

Aaron Patefield was elected to the position of Trustee on April 3, 2018.  His current term expires April 21, 2020.

Aaron serves as the Chair of the Public Works Committee, and he is a member of the Public Safety and Utilities Committees.  Aaron is also an active member of the Crivitz Fire Department.