Title Name              Term
President John Deschane 12/30/2004 4/16/2019
Trustee Fred Franzen 4/16/2013 4/16/2019
Trustee Dick Kaminski 4/21/2009 4/16/2019
Trustee Kurt Kostuch 4/19/2005 4/16/2019
Trustee Stew Swanson 05/20/2014 4/17/2018
Trustee Duane Swanson 4/21/1998 4/17/2018
Trustee Amy Deschane 4/19/12016 4/17/2018


Officials Elected
April, 2016

At the April 5th election Trustees Stew Swanson and Duane Swanson were re-elected, and Trustee Amy Deschane was newly elected for two-year terms. On April 19, 2016 prior to the monthly board meeting these 3 elected officials took their oaths of office. Shown below from left to right are Trustee Stew Swanson, Trustee Amy Deschane, President John Deschane and Trustee Duane Swanson.