Title Name              Term
President John Deschane 12/30/2004 4/16/2019
Trustee Fred Franzen 4/16/2013 4/16/2019
Trustee Jeff Dorschner 1/16/2018 4/16/2019
Trustee Kurt Kostuch 4/19/2005 4/16/2019
Trustee Stew Swanson 05/20/2014 4/21/2020
Trustee Aaron Patefield 4/21/1998 4/21/2020
Trustee Amy Deschane 4/19/12016 4/21/2020



A Fond Farewell to Trustee Duane Swanson
Newly Elected Officials
May, 2018

At the May 15th board meeting members of the public, Village staff & elected officials and Trustee Duane Swanson's family wished him a very fond farewell as he completed 20 years of service to the Village of Crivitz as a Trustee. At the beginning of this service Duane stated that his goals were to  keep Crivitz a wonderful place to raise children and for the Village to get the best for its tax dollars. Through his hard work and dedication, Duane always worked toward those goals with class, respect and a very welcome quick wit in the board room, setting a tremendous example for future civil servants. Happy retirement, Duane - we will miss you!

Trustees Stew Swanson and Amy Deschane were re-elected on April 3, 2018, and Trustee Aaron Patefield was newly elected, filling the seat previously held by Duane Swanson. Shown in the photo below from left to right are:  President John Deschane, Trustee Amy Deschane, Trustee Stew Swanson, Trustee Aaron Patefield, and Duane Swanson.