Crivitz Fire Station
1211 F.J. Street
Crivitz, WI  54114
Phone (715)854-7201

Rudi Jensen, Fire Chief

The Crivitz Fire Department consists of approximately 18 volunteer firefighters and provides fire protection to the village and surrounding areas under the Countywide Mutual Aid Agreement and
WDNR Fire Suppression Memorandum of Understanding.  Monthly meetings are held at the fire station on the first Wednesday at 7:00pm.  The department is always eager to accept new members!

July 4th, 2016

NOAA All-Hazards/Severe Weather Alert Radios Available to Marinette County Residents
 With severe weather season upon us one of the best investments you can make for your personal safety at home or work is a NOAA All-Hazards Alert Radio, which is like a smoke alarm for severe weather. These radios are available for purchase by all Marinette County Residents from the Marinette County Emergency Management Department. The cost is 1/2 the retail price, or $22.68 - limit of one per household. Proof of residency is required, such as a driverís license or other photo ID with current address. If you wish to purchase a radio please call the Emergency Management Department at (715)732-7660 to set a date and time to pick one up. Their office is located in the Law Enforcement Center in Marinette. If you bring 5 AA batteries with you they will even program the radio for you!

Marinette County Emergency Mass Notification System

Please click here to register and enter your contact information so you may be contacted in the event an emergency or natural disaster threatens the citizens of Marinette County. Your personal information will be protected and used only for emergency related communications.





  Do not ever dial 911 for information upon siren activation during siren testing or weather emergencies, unless you are in immediate need of police, fire or ambulance service. This causes unnecessary interruption of emergency services. In the event of a weather emergency residents should monitor a NOAA weather radio, or if power service is intact, a radio station, television station or the village website for information. In the event of a weather emergency the Village of Crivitz will make every attempt to disseminate information to the public.

All residents are encouraged to read the full Emergency Warning Siren System policy. Copies are available at the Clerk's office or by clicking here.

 Please pass this information on to friends, relatives and neighbors.