Summaries of several ordinances and regulations are shown below.  Complete ordinances are available for public inspection in the clerk's office.

Temporary -Rummage Sale - Sign


Please be advised that local ordinance prohibits the placement of temporary signs (rummage sales, etc) on public property, including Triangle Park,
utility poles and traffic or street sign poles, which are in the right-of-way. Temporary signs are allowed on private property for a period of 48 hours when
set back 5' from the right-of-way.
Signs placed in violation of this ordinance are subject to removal. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Building Permits & Inspections

Please click here to download a building permit application form.
Please click here to view building permit and inspection fees and guidelines. For further information please contact:

Jane Meissner, Building Inspector & Zoning Administrator
W11954 Kitty Dell Circle
    Crivitz, WI 54114
Phone: (715) 757-2040  or  (715) 245-1708

Zoning Code

Please click here to view the most commonly requested sections of the zoning code. Sections shown are:

General Provisions 13-1-10 through 13-1-14
Zoning Districts 13-1-20 through 13-1-29
Traffic Visibility, Loading, Parking & Access 13-1-90 through 13-1-94
Signs & Billboards 13-1-100 through 13-1-109
Accessory Uses & Structures; Fences & Hedges 13-1-140 through 13-1-143
Definitions 13-1-180

Please click here to view the official zoning map.

Opening Burning

You may burn clean wood, brush and yard waste in piles under 10 feet in diameter between the hours of 5:pm to Midnight (CST) or 6:pm to Midnight (DST).  To do so, a burning permit must be obtained from the Village Hall, Fuzzy's Bar or T & B One Stop.  If there is snow cover between the dates of December 1st and March 31st, a permit is not required and hours do not apply.  Please use extreme caution when burning: burn when winds are gentle, have fire-fighting tools ready before starting fires, provide an adequate fire break, attend fires at all time, and be very sure your fire is totally extinguished.  Burning barrels are strictly prohibited.

         Garbage Pick-up & Mandatory Recycling

Garbage is picked up on Friday mornings of each week.  Garbage must be contained in clear plastic bags.  There is no additional fee to residents for garbage pick-up, as the cost is included in the annual tax levy.  Recycling is mandatory!  The recycling site is located at the Town of Stephenson Garage on Hall Ave. and is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Animal (Pet) Control

All dogs must be licensed.  You may obtain a license at the Village Hall by presenting a current rabies certificate.  Licenses for spayed and neutered dogs are $5.00; and $10.00 for unspayed or unneutered dogs.  The license term is January 1 through December 31 of each year.

It is unlawful to allow dogs or other pets to run at large in the Village of Crivitz.  Even the most well behaved pet may react dangerously when approached by a stranger, especially in unfamiliar surroundings.  You must keep your dog or other pet confined by a leash, chain or fenced in area.  Pets found to be running at large will be captured and lodged in the veterinary clinic for seven days prior to being destroyed.  Owners claiming pets within the seven day period will be financially responsible for boarding and vaccination fees.  Owners will also be subject to citation and forfeiture.