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All meetings are held in the boardroom of the Crivitz Village Hall, 800 Henriette Ave., Crivitz, WI, unless otherwise noted. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and face coverings are encouraged.  Meetings are held
in person and remotely by video and teleconference; access instructions appear below. Meeting materials may be obtained by contacting the Crivitz Village Clerk by email or phone.
Please note that, upon reasonable notice at least 24 hours in advance, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services. For additional information to request this service, please contact the Village Clerk’s Office at (715)854-2030, 800 Henriette Ave., P.O. Box 727, Crivitz, WI 54114.



Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 6:00pm

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1-7. Regular Monthly Business (Minutes, Vouchers, etc),

  1. Comments from Pre-Registered Citizens & Taxpayers,
  2. Establishment of July 4th Savings Fund,
  3. Crivitz Youth, Inc., Daycare Employee Training Agreement – ARPA Fund,
  4. Veteran’s Memorial Donation Request Clarification – ARPA Fund,
  5. Class A Retail Liquor & Beer License – Kwik Trip,
  6. Cigarette License – Kwik Trip,
  7. Beer & Wine Picnic License – CBA for Art in the Park Event,
  8. Property Purchase Offer to Town of Stephenson,
  9. Cemetery & Park Stump Grinding – Ron Gerbyshak,
  10. Park Tree Removal – T & T Tree Trimming,
  11. Wastewater Treatment Facility Backup Generator – Mueller Electric & Dama Plumbing & Heating,
  12. Police Chief Position Advertising,
  13. Police Chief Position Interviewing & Hiring Consultant Contract – Langdon & Associations,
  14. Street Use Permit – Family Fun Day,
  15. Operator’s License Applications: Christine Engelbrecht, Theresa Busse, Vicki Duprey, Linda Kaufman, Patricia Rand, Lynne Bywater.

Old Business, New Business, Correspondence, Questions from the Floor:




None currently scheduled.






The committee meets as needed to consider changes to the extraterritorial zoning ordinance and is comprised of the Village of Crivitz Development Committee and 3 representatives of the Town of Stephenson.

After many months of hard work and collaboration, the committee adopted an extraterritorial zoning ordinance. The ordinance regulates land uses within a 1-1/2 mile boundary surrounding the Village of Crivitz. All regulations within the boundary were developed to protect groundwater, and thereby the drinking water for Town and Village residents. Links to various documents regarding extraterritorial zoning, including the final ordinance appear below. For more information please contact the Village of Crivitz at 715-854-2030. 


Documents Regarding Extraterritorial Zoning


Audio Recordings of Meetings Available Upon Request


Copies of digital audio recordings of all board and committee meetings  held from March 12, 2008, forward are available upon request. There is no fee for providing recordings to the requestor in .wma format by e-mail attachment.  There is a $10.00 fee for providing recordings to the requester by creating a CD.  Public Records laws and policies apply to digital audio recordings.  Please contact the Clerk’s office if you should wish to request a digital audio copy of any meeting.



 Minutes of Crivitz Village Board Meetings 

All minutes shown below are unofficial. Please contact the clerk at 715-854-2030 or to request an official copy of the minutes of any meeting. Minutes of meetings that predate those shown below are available upon request.

2021 Meetings

Regular Meeting 01-19-21
Regular Meeting 02-24-21
Regular Meeting 03-24-21
Regular Meeting 04-28-21
Regular Meeting 05-26-21
Board of Review 06-21-21
Regular Meeting 06-23-21

2020 Meetings

Regular Meeting 01-21-2020
Regular Meeting 02-18-2020
Regular Meeting 03-18-2020
Regular Meeting 04-21-2020
Special Meeting 05-11-2020
Regular Meeting 05-19-2020
Regular Meeting 06-16-2020
Regular Meeting 07-21-2020
Regular Meeting 08-18-2020
Regular Meeting 09-15-2020
Regular Meeting 10-20-2020
Regular Meeting 11-17-2020
Public Hearing (2021 Budget) 11-17-2020
Regular Meeting 12-15-2020
Special Meeting 12-23-2020