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Village of Crivitz residents may bring recyclables to the Town of Stephenson Single-Stream Recycling site located at 308 August Street on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am-4pm. Scrap metal may also be dropped at the site and some appliances are accepted for a small fee. Please check with the site attendants for further information.


Location: North end of Gene Drive in Village of Crivitz • Follow signs at site
Schedule:  Monday thru Thursday  • Year Round
Hours:    8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Materials Accepted:   Yard waste and brush/limbs ONLY.  No limbs over 6″ in diameter will be accepted. Signs are posted at the site indicating the areas for dropping materials. If this is abused, the site will have to be closed.

Free Compost:  Those residents who are allowed to use the site may obtain free composted material, as may be available for their personal use during the hours the site is open.  

This site is owned and operated by the Village of Crivitz and is for use by residents of the Village of Crivitz only.

Please be advised that this site is monitored and violators may be prosecuted under local ordinances for illegal dumping.

Village of Crivitz Residents ~
Does your house have a number on it?
Run outside and check right now!

Police, Rescue and Fire emergency workers need to be able to see your house number to find you and if it’s not there, or if it’s obstructed by shrubs or anything else you could be delaying their response. We are very certain you don’t want to do that!

The Village of Crivitz actually requires all buildings to display black-on-white block-style numbers not less than 3-1/2″ high by 2-1/2″ wide. This is referred to as ‘uniform house numbering’, which is important to provide responders with a quick and easy view from the street and avoids difficulty finding addresses due to inconsistent number styles. It is also very important to display your apartment number on your actual apartment door.

Although GPS systems are used by most emergency responders, they can and do fail. Your physical house number will never fail.

Feel free to purchase and install your own house numbers using the parameters above, or contact the Village Hall at (715)854-2030 for a free set of  house numbers. Either way you choose, do it today!

Forest Home Cemetery
Online Information Available
Great for Crivitz Genealogy Research!

You can access information about persons buried in the Forest Home Cemetery in the Village of Crivitz at the site either by using the ‘Search’ button and searching their last name (or that of the family) or by using the ‘View Map’ button and clicking on any of the colored blocks shown on the map.

Please be aware that this is a ‘work in progress’! If you have questions or need assistance please contact the Clerk’s office.

“The Snowplow Blocked My Driveway”

When we receive snow the Public Works Crew’s goal is to open up the Village streets and make them passable as soon as possible.  While they are plowing, snow is being dragged across the driveways of Village resident. This can not be helped.   The plow basically ‘pushes’ the snow. It has to go somewhere!

Here are a couple of tips to ease the clean-up of this snow from the end of your driveway:

Wait until the Village does their plowing on your street to do your ‘finishing’ work at the end of your driveway

Shovel as much of the snow to the right side of your driveway (looking toward the street) as you can. This will keep the snow from being dragged back into your driveway

Please be aware that local ordinance prohibits any person from pushing, shoving or in any way depositing snow onto public streets, sidewalks or public property.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!




Do not ever dial 911 upon siren activation during siren testing or actual emergencies. This causes unnecessary interruption of emergency services. In the event of an actual emergency residents should monitor a NOAA weather radio, or if power service is intact, a radio station, television station or the village website for information. In the event of an actual emergency the Village of Crivitz will make every attempt to disseminate information to the public.

All residents are encouraged to read the full Emergency Warning Siren System policy.

Please pass this information on to friends, relatives and neighbors.

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